Pizza In A Hurry بيتزا عالسريع


Today I come to you with my faaaavorite food in the world, PIZZAAAAAA
This isn’t exactly a recipe but I wanted to share with you how to create a very healthy personal pizza in the least bit of time

What you’ll need: (I’ll include a picture of products I used)
1 whole wheat bread (Try to find something with no sugar or any additives on it’s ingredient list, you can use whole wheat tortilla) the one I used had only this on it’s ingredient list (Whole wheat flour, wheat bran, soy bran, natural yeast and a little sea salt)
2 Tbsp organic pasta or pizza sauce (Organic so it won’t have sugar or any additives to it)
FAT FREE mozzarella (I used a mix of fat free mozzarella and fat free mexican ’cause I love chili things)
Any other toppings of your choice (I used tomato slices, spinach and chili slices)

Scoop your sauce over the bread, add your toppings then sprinkle some dried oregano or italian seasoning mix on top and bake till cheese is melted and enjoy the most healthy delicious pizza you’ll ever have.

P.S: Always read food labels, just because something says it’s fat free and/or sugar free doesn’t mean it’s healthy. I don’t blindly choose these products, I have looked thoroughly their nutritional values.
I try to stay away from chemicals, additives and preservatives cause I’m trying to be healthy not just loose weight so I will usually stay away from dairy but like anyone I have cravings and today I just had to have pizza!

اليوم جايتكم بافضل اكل عندي، بيتزااااااااااا
هادي مو موصفه بس حبيت اشارك معاكم طريقه تعملوا فيها بيتزا صحيه جدا في اقل وقت ممكن

١ عيش قمح كامل (حاولوا تلاقوا بدون سكر او اي اضافات في قائمة المكونات ممكن تستخدموا تورتيلا القمح الكامل) الي انا استخدمته كانت بس هادي مكوناته (دقيق قمح، نخالة قمح، دقيق صويا، خمائر طبيعيه، قليل ملح البحو)؛
٢ ملعقه كبيره صلصلة بيتزا او باستا عضويه (عضويه عشان مايكن فيها سكر او اي اضافات)؛
موتزرلا خاليه الدسم (انا استخدمت متزرلا وجبنه مكسيكيه عشان احب الاكل الحار)؛
اي اضافات تحبوها (انا استخدمت شرايح طماطم، سبانخ ،شرايح فلفل حار)؛

حطوا الصلصله على العيش، ضيفوا الاضافات بعدين  رشوا اوريقانو مجفف او بهارات ايطاليه بعدين اخبزوها الين الجبنه تذوب واستمتعوا بألز بيتزا صحيه حتكوها في حياتكم

ملاحظه: دايما اقرأوا القيم الغذائيه. بس عشان شي مكتوب عليه خالي الدسم او خالي من السكر معناته صحي. انا مااشتري اي شي عمياني قرأت القيم الغذائيه على كل المنتجات الي مستخذمتها .
انا احاول قد مااقدر انه ابعد عن الاضافات والمواد الحافظه لانه ابا اكون صحيه مو بس انه انزل وزني عشان كدا احاول قد مااقدر ابعد عن مشتقات الحليب بس زي كل الناس بتجيني اوقات اشتهي واليوم كنت مرره مشتهيه بيتزا!؛


2 thoughts on “Pizza In A Hurry بيتزا عالسريع

  1. i have a recipe for tomato sauce, which I love, not that difficult, not that time consuming, you can use it for pasta, or well, just about anything. I use olive oil in mine, hey, i’m spanish! for me it adds a lot of flavour. you can add a bit after it’s done cooking, for flavouring though. It freezes well, and you can easily make a big pot and divide and freeze it

    • Oh don’t Joseph, I use olive oil in EVERYTHING. I love olive oil so much. I always do my own pizza sauce as well but yesterday I ran some errands after work and was home by 7:30 which is very late for me to be having carbs and I was craving pizza had to have it so I had to whip up something in seconds. I’m very old fashioned when it comes to pizza I will make my own dough and sauce no way I’m getting ready ones but this was a fast pizza but must admit a yummy one!
      please share your sauce I want to try it 😀

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